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Bitraffic, the largest crypto network. Audience 100% Crypto. Promote your ICO token, Casino games, Trading, Investing hyip, Crypto mining, Faucets, etc.
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Bitraffic is a simple, efficient and smart solution in bitcoin advertising.


Create Your Account

To start your first campaign, you must first register on the platform in a very simple way.

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Create Your Ad

Once registered, you should only create your ad from the control panel. Just click on create ad and follow the steps. Also remember to make a deposit, which can be from $50.



Once all the steps have been done, an administrator will review your ad to avoid any SPAM. When the admin activates your campaign, it will be displayed instantly on the websites network.

Advertiser Features

Just pay for the results. If they do not visit it, it does not pay.

Advertising CPC/CPM/Popunder

Choose the best way to advertise your Website/Project, choosing between campaigns CPC (Pay per click) / CPM (Payment for 1000 impressions) and Popunder ads. Bitraffic traffic will increase your profits and your ROI from your first campaign.

Anti-bot System

All ads are protected by an anti-bot system to ensure you receive 100% genuine traffic and avoid losing money in your advertising campaign.

Multiple forms of payment

We offer the greatest variety of payments. You can pay your campaigns through Paypal, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and 27 cryptocurrency more. We can also accept other payment forms according to your interest.

Control Panel

Thanks to our control panel you will have control of everything. You can create campaigns, pause, delete campaigns when you want. Direct the audience of your ads. Buy CPC (cost per click). and much more !

Statistics in Real Time

Control your impressions and click in real time, the statistics are updated instantly.

24/7 Online Support

Need help? Do not worry we provide 24/7 support to help you in whatever you need.

Start your first campaign with only $50

Advertising Banner.

Advertise your site with the most efficient and popular banners. Sizes 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 200x200, 160x600 and Slider 300x250. Supporting Formats JPG, PNG, GIF and HTML5. Being the most used option by most advertisers.

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Publishers Features

Start earning money with your website today.

Fast Approval In Maximum 24 Hours.

Min payout $40 USD.

Automatic payments every 7 days.

Withdrawals through Paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin.

Minimum requirements to be approved.

24/7 Online Support

Start earning money today.